Where’s The Maths?

‘Where’s the maths in that?’ is a question that is now firmly embedded in my teaching. Developing ‘imaginative maths’ thinking or what I like to call ‘imathsination’ (maths imagination) should be a priority for educators when starting out on the yearly journey with your new class. The ‘imathsination’ approach needs modelling to them carefully through activities that at first glance don’t appear to offer much. I would encourage you to ‘let them loose’ with the question ‘Where’s the maths in that?’ when ever possible.

The Deep Dive Challenge allows for the children to approach an image with wider thinking beyond what can be seen. The activities below have been the most popular for the children.

Of course, they can be amended for year groups above and below! Feel free to use (magpie) them and share them with your friends.

To save an image, hover your mouse over them, ‘right click’ and select ‘save image as’ 🙂

‘How Many Cubes?’

‘How Many Melons?’

‘How Many Spheres?’

Swimming Scores

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