Number and Place Value

Below you will find pictures of all of my number and place value ‘Deep Dive Challenge’ activities that my Year 4 class have worked so hard to create this year! Of course, they can be amended for year groups above and below! Feel free to use (magpie) them and share them with your friends.

To save an image, hover your mouse over them, ‘right click’ and select ‘save image as’ 🙂

‘Change My Digits’

‘Number Sequences’

‘Magic Number’

‘Make Me Equal’


‘Missing Numbers’

‘Place Value / Ordering Decimals’


‘The Story of Number’

‘Odd One Out’

‘Partition Like A Pro!’

‘Number / Place Value’


‘Rows and Columns’

‘True or False?’

‘Bar Modelling’


What Would You Rather Have?

Complete the missing

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